About Us

In the early 1900’s, there were three existing water systems operating in the town. They were, Rumford Falls Light and Water Company, Union Construction Company and the Virginia Spring Water Company.  During this time, the town was expanding rapidly and the three systems could not keep up with the demand for water. The Rumford Falls Light and Water Company commissioned the majority of the water distribution system construction.   The Water Company’s piping infrastructure continued to grow each year.  Records show hundreds of feet of main extensions occurred yearly during this period of 1892 to 1911. In March of 1911, town officials organized and appointed a Water District Board of Trustees.  By September of that year, the Rumford and Mexico Water District was chartered by the Maine State Legislature. Your water system has continued to grow and expand over the last 106 years under the auspices of the Rumford Water District

Rumford Water District’s supply and distribution system now includes over 42 miles of water mains. The system serves approximately 4,500 people and provides fire protection services through 219 hydrants. The Rumford Water District has two locations of water supply source.  The primary source is the Milligan Pump Station located off Route 5 in Rumford. This facilities production Well #2 can deliver up to 1,035 gallons per minute and its production Well #1 can deliver up to 700 gallons per minute. The secondary source located on the Swift River Road in Rumford, is the Scottie’s Pump Station. Its production Well #1 can deliver 400 gallons per minute and production Well #2 can deliver 180 gallons per minute. Both of these facilities consist of drilled, gravel packed wells.

In 2015, these pump stations produced and delivered over 220 million gallons of water. That is an average of 604,506 gallons each day.  The system also maintains two covered storage reservoirs containing one million gallons of water in each.  This storage allows us to meet peak system demand periods and maintain an adequate supply during firefighting activities.